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Van Racking
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Vehicle Racking

What makes Modul-System the best solution for You.

Made of high strength steel means…. More Strength …Less Weight

Giving you the following benefits…..

  • Less weight means greater fuel savings
  • Less weight means savings on maintenance costs
  • Less weight means you can carry more of the stuff that matters... tools and materials for the job
  • Strength means our products are crash tested to help protect your greatest asset... You.
  • Strength means our products are vibration tested to ten years.
  • Strength means our products are wear and tear tested to ten years.
Van Racking
Van Racking
  1. Tool board
  2. Shelf and support
  3. Draweer unit/ MB drawer unit
  4. Drawer unit frame
  5. Door
  6. Shelf
  7. Floor angle and support
  8. Storage and clothing locker Shelf
  9. Shelf with hinged front
  10. Extension frames
  11. Corner shelf
  12. Extension plates