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Bulkhead Partitions and Flooring

Bulkhead / Partitions and Flooring

Built by Snoeks Automotive and supplied by Carrymax, these partitions offer the latest technology in fully integrated solutions for your work needs.

Available for both B-pillar and C-pillar applications they provide excellent separation of passenger and work space.

Made of ABS plastic, these bulkheads follow the contour of the vehicle, helping to seal the work area from the passenger compartment.

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  • Space... Provides the ultimate flexibility for people and cargo. Eg: Ideal for taxi conversions.
  • Safety... The partition wall adheres to European safety standards and is tested for both large item and point impact. Please note that these partitions are not regarded as barriers based on the voluntary Australian Standard.
  • Comfort... Optimal comfort for passengers. Improved efficiency of heating and air conditioning.
  • Availability... Carrymax partitions are available in the following configurations for a range of commercial vehicles. B-Pillar (Behind front seating) C-Pillar (Behind second row seats after sliding door)


Carrymax offers solid flooring solutions for your ute or van. Made from 9mm or 12mm Impregnated ply, our flooring is the toughest available.

We also offer false floor solutions for utes or vans.

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