The ultimate Utes, vans and 4x4s

Coxx Mobile Systems

Coxx Mobile Systems

Coxx Mobile Systems are our reccomended brand for providing mobile equipment for moving all kinds of heavy equipment.

Esablished in 191 by Alphons Cox with the mission of Coxx Mobile Systems to make logistics done quicker more efficient. The difference in Coxx Mobile Systems and other brands is in the way they innovate.

They offer a wide range of mobile logitical solutions that improve safety, efficiency and save time for you and your business.

Combine our service body with the Modul-system racking to produce a totally integrated custom designed interior giving you total flexibility to suit your specific needs now and in the future.

Van Racking



    A modular van with a universal mounting system that allows for easy loading for high capacities.

  • LiftBoxx smart distribution systems

    A fast loading and unloading logisitcal solution that allows the drivers to save time without even leaving the cab.

  • Mobile office and workspace solutions

    Coxx mobile systems offers custom mobile offices that are made from quality materials designed for comfort and tailored for your needs and situations.

  • Semi-Trailors

    From 5 to 20 tons, tailored construction. Coxx chassis as the basis for market vehicles, mobile workshops and volume transport.

  • Trailers

    Custom made with proven quality. With single or tandem axles. Bogie vehicles. Pneumatic, hydraulic or pneumatic suspension.