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Hard Tonneau Cover

Dynnox smart trolley

Hard Tonneau Cover Handy to have & convinient to use!

The Original simple and timesaving van loading system provides an all-in-one loading,unloading and transport solution.


  • Can bare a capacity of 250kg in storage
  • Little to no ongoing maintenance required
  • Is safe both inside and outside the vechicle, while also being multifunctional and time-saving
  • Can load and unload it in 10 seconds.
  • Can be tailor made for any vechicle
  • High quality at a profitable price
  • SHR-Friendly
  • Can be equipped with a multifunctional frame
  • Flexible loading space
  • Provides a professional appearance
  • Also usable with smaller delivery trucks
  • Better visability as it does not block rear view for the driver
  • Cargo is secure and stored out of view
  • Comes with a one year warranty provided the product is mounted and used correctly